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From the City, From the Plough
Alexander Baron

The Lowlife
Alexander Baron
Introduction by Iain Sinclair

The Sultan of Zanzibar
Martyn Downer

Windows on the Moon
Alan Brownjohn

Marcus Fedder

Selected Letters
Julian Maclaren-Ross

Through a Glass Darkly
Nigel Jones

Craven House
Patrick Hamilton

The Gorse Trilogy
Patrick Hamilton

Off The Road
Carolyn Cassady

And the Ass Saw the Angel Collectors' Editions
Nick Cave

The Cypriot: A Novel
Andreas Koumi

Bitten by the Tarantula and other writing
Julian Maclaren-Ross, introduction by Paul Willetts

On Torquemada's Sofa
Laurence Fleming

Emily Dickinson & I
Edie Campbell & Jack Lynch

Collected Memoirs
Julian Maclaren-Ross, introduction by Paul Willetts

High Priests, Quantum Genes
Michael Hayes, foreword by Colin Wilson

Velocity: The Best of Apples & Snakes
Edited by Maja Prausnitz

The Lost Weekend
Charles Jackson

The Big Brass Ring: An original screenplay
Orson Welles with Oja Kodar

My Original Sin
Marie-Victoire Rouillier

The Tenant
Roland Topor

Lusts of a Moron: The Lyrics of Momus
Designed and illustrated by Raphael Jimenez and Claudia Casagrande

The Terrible News: Russian stories from the years following the revolution
Collected and translated by Grigori Gerenstein

It Only Looks as if it Hurts: The Complete Lyrics 1976-1990
Howard Devoto