Nick Cave

As the original publishers of Nick Cave's And the Ass Saw the Angel, Black Spring Press have produced limited-run collectors' editions of the book. These are large format, printed on high-quality paper, with their own slipcase, and beautifully and spaciously designed (by the acclaimed Phil Baines, who designed Black Spring's original edition, and author of Penguin by Design, the authoritative work on Penguin cover design). There are two versions, the special edition, cloth-bound and hand-numbered, and a luxury edition, hand produced in goatskin by craft bookbinder John Temple, signed by the author, with a limited edition frontispiece, and also hand numbered.

And the Ass Saw the Angel was highly acclaimed on its first publication, and its popularity continues. Euchrid Eucrow is the product of several generations of inbreeding and raw liquor consumption. Physically malformed and born dumb, but with unusual sensitivity which he hides beneath an engaging and indestructible bravado, Euchrid lives in an isolated cane-growing community dominated by a strict and peculiar religious sect, the Ukulites.

Euchrid's story, with its epic biblical events, its miracles, visitations and obsessive digressions, is characterised by macabre comedy and a profound poignancy. Brilliantly plotted and written with an astonishing immediacy, this is an unforgettable novel.

Features of the two editions:
Both editions
Designed by Phil Baines; text completely retypeset to a new design by Phil Baines
Coloured head and tail bands
Heavyweight, high-quality paper and boards
Cloth-covered slipcase

Special edition
650 copies
Cloth bound
Coloured endpapers
Hand-numbered 76–725

Luxury edition
75 copies
Leather bound by hand by craft bookbinder John Temple
Hand-numbered 1–75
Limited edition frontispiece: photographic reproduction of Cupid Considering by Julia Margaret Cameron, each print developed by hand in a specialist silver gelatin process by Peter Greenhalf of Greenhalf Photography.
Signed by the author

The edition is strictly limited to 650 copies of the special edition, 75 copies of the luxury edition, so once all copies are sold, that's it. And the earlier you order, the lower-numbered copy you will get: your number is reserved for you when you order.

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